Frequently asked questions

Who are Scoreessay?
Scoreessay is a custom writing service that offers writing help to students and professionals seeking assistance on any academic or business article. Our primary purpose is to provide you with quality written academic articles that are original and non-plagiarized. We also offer guidance to students who desire to write high-grade assignments. We guide you step-by-step on what is required to write that A+ assignment.
What type of writing services do you offer?
We offer writing help for academic and professional papers. As long as the order requirements are in English, we can write about anything. The academic articles we write include dissertations, research papers, book reports and reviews, custom essays, term projects, and Ph. D thesis. For the professional papers, we write the following CV’s, business plans and other business articles clients request. We not only offer writing help, but we also offer proofreading and editing services to customers who require a second opinion on their academic assignment or business article.
How professional are your writers?
Our team of writers is qualified, skilled, and professional to tackle every order paper you give them to handle. They undergo checks and tests before hiring them. Each writer we hire meets specific set requirements like a minimum of an undergraduate degree, must be knowledgeable about the different citation styles, and have experience in academic writing. Our writers are hardworking, trustworthy and strive to produce quality with every paper they write.
Are your writers specialized in my academic field?
We have a diverse group of writers that can tackle any topic irrespective of the field. We can tackle nursing papers, agriculture, or even economics. Apart from owning degrees, our writers also build their experience by regularly practicing on the different academic papers outside their writing comfort zone. With their experience, they can tackle any field regardless of what they may have specialized in when in college.
Is it possible to communicate with a writer?
Yes, it is possible and highly recommended. To attain high grades, your participation in the writing process means a lot. We value your input, additional requirements and direction to your article during the creative process. Constant interaction with the writer allows you to see if your article follows the systematic procedure, every academic article requires.
How do I go about accessing your writing services?
To access Scoreessay services, visit our website and place an order. After you place your order, pay your required cost. We will then go through your order and offer you the opportunity to pick a writer. After choosing your writer, your writer writes the academic article with your input. Afterwards, the final draft is sent for you to review, if there are no revisions, you finally receive a complete report.
What makes Scoreessay better than the rest?
First, Scoreessay services are affordable, and we provide 100% money back guarantee in case of any cancellation. Secondly, we avail you non-plagiarized articles and finally, you can never go wrong with our quality.