September 3, 2020


Setting voltage for potentionmeter The amplitude doesn’t matter so you can just plug it directly into the power supply. We would want the reference voltage to […]
August 30, 2020

Problem(PLC) – conveyors sequence

It’s a project that has a report and presentation. the project title is PLC conveyors sequence. there is four important things to do: LOGO software V […]
August 20, 2020

Antenna Radiation Patterns

Looking for someone to help me code out 3 separate Matlab codes to show the 3D plot with regards to Half-Wavelength Dipole, Monopole and Horn Antennas […]
July 16, 2020

Radio to optical frequency assignment

The first attached document include the 4 questions to be answered, alongside the guideline for the assignment The second document is a Smith Chart, which some […]
July 7, 2020

Pscad Project

2.    Scan the handwritten solutions, and save the  file in PDF/ docx format. 3.    For all the PSCAD simulation question(s), report should include all the necessary […]